How To Buy Amazon Shares In Australia

How To Buy Amazon Shares In Australia

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Amazon is an American multinational technology company that specializes in eCommerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994, in his garage.

For many investors, they want to know how to buy Amazon shares in Australia. Amazon Shares like all stocks can be purchased by investors living in Australia. Amazon shares can be purchased using Australian brokerage accounts which allow international share purchasing.

How To Buy Shares In Amazon (AMZN)

To purchase Amazon stocks, you must open a brokerage account, which enables you to buy and sell shares, ETFs, bonds, and mutual funds. Modern brokerage accounts offer the advantage of trading across markets and countries with reduced fees.

Selecting the right brokerage account can be overwhelming due to the numerous options available. Here are some essential factors to consider:

Transaction Fees: Brokers generate revenue through transaction fees associated with buying and selling shares on the stock exchange. It’s important to note that trading fees apply to most market orders.

Therefore, it is advisable to approach share investing as a long-term opportunity, considering that stock prices can experience significant fluctuations within short time frames.

Forex Exchange Fees: Purchasing US shares requires converting Australian dollars into US dollars, which may incur additional costs known as foreign exchange fees.

While brokers may not explicitly advertise these fees, they might still be applicable.

Monthly Fees: Certain brokers charge a fixed monthly fee, typically associated with extensive information and features beyond the needs of an average investor.

Not all platforms follow a subscription-based model, so it’s important to consider whether such additional services are necessary for you.

Website and App Functionality: Each broker offers its own website and app with varying levels of functionality. Some platforms provide basic interfaces, while others offer detailed share charts and market information.

Your choice may depend on your preferences and requirements regarding the availability of these features.

Trade Options: Brokers operate in different markets, which affects the types of trades you can make. Fees and trade minimums may vary depending on the specific market. Trade minimums represent the minimum dollar value required for each trade.

Access to Live Market Data and Research: Certain brokerage platforms offer live market data, including current price movements, buy and sell volumes, and historical trading data. Additional research tools may also be available on some platforms, while others may not provide these features.

Order Types: Brokers provide various options for order types when buying and selling. These options include specifying the quantity of shares or the desired dollar value for the purchase.

You can choose from options like “limit price,” “at market,” or “conditional order.” Some platforms may also offer expiry options such as “good till cancelled,” “day only,” or a specific date.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when selecting a brokerage account for purchasing Amazon stocks.

How To Buy Amazon Shares In Australia

Considerations for Buying Amazon Shares in Australia

Investing in US stocks from Australia is a straightforward process that closely resembles buying Australian-listed shares.

However, there are important distinctions due to the fact that these companies are headquartered in other countries, despite their global presence. As these shares are “domiciled” outside of Australia, it’s essential to take into account additional tax implications.

When it comes to dividends, it’s important to note that US stocks do not provide franking credits. This is because they are not subject to Australia’s dividend imputation system, which helps prevent double taxation.

To invest in the US market, there are some necessary paperwork requirements, such as completing the W8BEN Form. The US government mandates this form for non-US residents who intend to invest.

By filling out the W8BEN form, Australian investors can benefit from the special tax arrangement between Australia and the United States.

Failing to submit this form would result in a 30% tax on any shares sold, as well as a 30% withholding tax on dividends. However, correctly completing the W8BEN form effectively reduces the American tax component to 15%.

It is crucial to ensure accurate and timely completion of this document. Seeking investment or financial advice as needed is highly recommended to navigate this process successfully.

Amazon Share Price

The trajectory of Amazon’s share price has been a wild ride in recent years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon’s stock soared as more people were confined to their homes and inflation remained at historic lows.

With brick-and-mortar stores off-limits, Amazon’s home delivery services became even more essential.

This period marked a phenomenal growth for Amazon, coinciding with Jeff Bezos’ reign as the world’s wealthiest individual. On July 8, 2021, Amazon achieved its highest stock price of USD 186.12 per share.

In 2023, Amazon has made a strong comeback, with its stock opening at $85.82 on the first trading day of the year. As of today, Amazon’s stock stands at $128.36 after a consistent upward trend over the past six months.

Amazons Business Empire

Under Jeff Bezos’ leadership, Amazon has grown from an online bookstore to become one of the world’s largest companies, offering a wide range of products and services.

The company’s primary focus is on providing a convenient online shopping experience for customers, offering a vast selection of products and fast delivery through its extensive logistics network.

In addition to its eCommerce platform, Amazon has expanded into various other areas. One of its notable achievements is the introduction of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides cloud computing services to businesses and individuals.

AWS has become a significant revenue generator for Amazon and a leading provider of cloud infrastructure worldwide.


As of July 7, 2023, Amazon’s share price has increased by an impressive 49.57% year-to-date. While this growth is remarkable, it’s crucial to approach any investment with a long-term strategy in mind.

Investors should also consider the tax implications associated with investing in foreign markets.

Therefore, it is advisable to consult a financial advisor or a qualified accountant to seek guidance on investment decisions. Furthermore, this article does not endorse the purchase of Amazon shares.


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