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VGS vs QUAL: The Best Diversification ETF vs Quality Index

Last Updated on 4 May 2024 by Ryan Oldnall Investors seeking to gain exposure to international markets are spoiled for choice in Australia. A number of options exist, from purchasing individual shares to ETFs and mutual funds. ETFs have become the go-to investment vehicle for many, driven by their low cost, no-hassle, and frankly straightforward…


NDQ vs FANG: Which Tech ETF Is Right For You?

Last Updated on 30 March 2024 by Ryan Oldnall In 2023, American Tech companies, particularly those investing in artificial intelligence, saw remarkable market success. The BetaShares NASDAQ 100 ETF, NDQ alone gained a whopping 53.39%, while Global X FANG+ ETF, FANG surpassed it with a staggering 96.17% return [1]. This article offers a side-by-side comparison…

How To Calculate Rental Yield

How To Calculate Rental Yield

Last Updated on 27 January 2024 by Ryan Oldnall Understanding rental yield is crucial when evaluating investments. There are two methods to calculate rental yield: Gross rental yield and Net rental yield. Learning how to calculate rental yield informs you about the potential profitability of an investment. Similar to your salary, which consists of gross…

Best Performing Super Funds Over 10 Years(1)

Best Performing Super Funds Over 10 Years

Last Updated on 22 March 2024 by Ryan Oldnall Comparing superannuation funds can be needlessly complicated, as important information is often buried or difficult to access. Fees are commonly presented in a mixture of dollars and percentages, further complicating the comparison. Furthermore, comparing fund performance is made even more challenging due to variations in reporting…

What Happens If I Have More Money in My Offset Account Than Loan

What Happens If I Have More Money in My Offset Account Than Loan

Last Updated on 7 February 2024 by Ryan Oldnall Offset accounts are great financial tools that can significantly reduce the interest you pay on your home loan. These accounts are designed to help homeowners save money by using their savings to offset the balance of their mortgage. But what if you have more money in…