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Car Repayments: Accurately determine the value of your car repayments while considering your salary packaging arrangements. Evaluate the impact of salary packaging on your car expenses using our calculator

Selectable Salary Packaged Amount: Tailor the calculator to your specific needs and preferences by choosing a salary packaged amount. Explore different figures to understand how varying packaging amounts affect your net salary.

Meals and Entertainment: We understand the importance of meals and entertainment in professionals’ lives. Evaluate the potential savings and benefits of salary packaging for these expenses using our calculator.

HECS Repayment: If you have a Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) repayment, our calculator takes it into account. It factors in your HECS debt and provides accurate net salary figures that incorporate the impact of salary packaging.

Multiple Scenarios: We acknowledge that everyone’s circumstances and preferences are different. Our calculator allows you to assess up to 10 different salary packaging options, helping you determine the most advantageous approach for your unique situation.

Comprehensive Net Salary Figures: Our calculator provides net salary figures in both fortnightly and yearly formats. It highlights the difference between your current salary arrangements and the explored packaging scenarios, giving you a clear understanding of potential financial gains.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: In this calculator, we assume that the combination of car payments and salary packaging does not exceed the maximum of $29,998 in FBT-exempt benefits. This limitation arises from the fact that each car has its own unique value modifier, making it difficult to individually account for them.

Therefore, it assumed that your packaging provider has maximised your salary packaging entitlements. Meals and entertainment are in addition to this.