Welcome to The Logical Investor Salary Packaging Calculator, the ultimate tool to help you optimize your income and make informed decisions about your salary packaging options. With our powerful spreadsheet tool, you can maximize your take-home pay while minimizing tax liabilities. Let’s delve into the world of salary packaging and discover how it can benefit you.

Salary packaging is a smart strategy that enables employees to structure their income in a way that increases their take-home pay and reduces their tax obligations. This approach is particularly advantageous for individuals working in the not for profit sector.

Salary Packaging Not For Profit Calculator

By allocating a portion of your pre-tax income to salary packaging, you can potentially lower your taxable income and enjoy more disposable income.​

We understand that meals and entertainment are integral parts of your lifestyle. Therefore, our salary packaging not for profit calculator incorporates options for packaging these expenses.

By accurately estimating the impact of packaging these costs, you can make well-informed decisions and gain a clear understanding of HECS Calculator Salary Packaging.

If you have a Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) debt, our salary packaging calculator takes it into account. It estimates the impact of salary packaging on your HECS repayment.

Calculating Salary Packaging

​Our Salary Packaging Calculator goes beyond a single scenario. It allows you to explore up to three different scenarios, giving you a holistic view of your salary packaging options.

By comparing outcomes for various salary packaging amounts and configurations, you can select the most advantageous option for your unique circumstances.​

When evaluating different scenarios, it’s essential to have comprehensive net salary figures. Our salary packaging calculator provides you with this information, helping you evaluate the financial implications of each scenario accurately.

You’ll gain a clear understanding of your net salary in both fortnightly and yearly formats, as well as the difference compared to your current salary arrangements. This invaluable information empowers you to make intelligent decisions about salary packaging.

At The Logical Investor, we believe in empowering individuals to take control of their financial future. That’s why we offer our Salary Packaging Calculator free of charge.

This tool provides you with a clear picture of the financial impact of different salary packaging scenarios, allowing you to optimize your income and reduce tax liabilities. With our calculator, you can make the most of your hard-earned money.​

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