How to Buy NVIDIA Shares

How to Buy NVIDIA Shares

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NVIDIA are a technology powerhouse with their industry leading graphics processing units (GPUs). According to NVIDIA they are world renowned for their artificial intelligence and cutting-edge advancements in computing.

NVIDIA share price has skyrocketed in recent weeks and its Market cap is tipped to crack the $1 trillion mark. So, How do you buy NVIDIA shares in Australia?

NVIDIA trades on the NASDAQ under the (Ticker Symbol: NVDA). It is possible for you to buy US shares in Australia with some important considerations.

Buying NVIDIA (NVDA) Shares

Brokerage Account

To invest in NVIDIA stocks, you will need to open a brokerage account. Brokerage accounts allow you to buy and sell shares, ETFs, bonds, and mutual funds. The modern brokerage accounts allow you to trade across markets and in different countries with lower brokerage fees than ever before.

Selecting a brokerage account can seem daunting with various brokers on the market. Some of the biggest considerations are as follows:

Fees: Brokers make money every time someone buys and sells shares on the stock exchange. With most market order, investors will incur fees to execute that trade.

Therefore, it is important to consider share investing as a long term investment opportunity. Stock prices can often fluctuate significantly during any given day, month, or year.

Forex Exchange Fees: Forex fees are the costs associated with converting Australian dollars into US dollars. Since US shares must be bought in US dollars this process is required. Thus, foreign exchange fees may apply but are not always advertised by the Broker.

Monthly Fees: Some brokers will charge a monthly fee which can often be a set dollar amount. These ongoing subscription-based models are not found in every platform. These fees typically come with those brokers that provide significant information and features which are above your average investor’s needs.

Website and App functionality: Every Broker has their website and app which comes with varying levels of functionality. Some websites and apps are very basic with simple interfaces, whereas others have the typical share charts and other market information. Depending on your preferences and needs, this will determine if this functionality is important to you.

Trades: Each broker operates in different markets; this determines what trades you are able to make. Based upon this, Brokers may charge different fees depending on the specific market and have trade minimums. Trade minimums are often a minimum dollar value that each trade must be in order to be placed.

Access to live Market Data and research: Some Brokerage platforms as stated above have live market data showing current price movements. This information may contain data regarding current buy and sell volumes as well as, historical trading data. Further research tools are available on some platforms, whereas others do not have these features.

Options with order types: Brokers have different options when it comes to your order types (buy and sell). These include quantity based upon the amount of shares or the dollar value you wish to purchase. Ability to Instruct a purchase based upon ‘limit price’, ‘At Market’ and ‘conditional order’. Expiry options could include “Good till cancelled’, ‘Day only’ and ‘date’.

How to Buy NVIDIA Shares

Considerations for Buying NVIDIA Shares in Australia

Buying US Shares in Australia is a fairly straight forward process and is very similar to buying Australian listed shares. The biggest difference is these companies, while many of them have a worldwide presence are based in other countries. As these shares listings are ‘domiciled’ outside of Australia, this has further tax implications.

When it comes to dividends US stocks do not pay a franking credit. This is because US shares are not subject to Australia’s dividend imputation which helps minimize double taxation.

US investing involves some additional documentation such as the W8BEN Form. This form is required by the US Governments for those investors living outside of the US. The W8BEN form allows Australian investors to claim take advantage of the special tax status which exists between Australia and America.

If an individual does not lodge this form, they have to pay 30% tax on any shares sold. In addition to this they have 30% withholding tax on their dividends. The W8BEN effectively removes the 30% American Tax component, with the 30% being reduced to 15%.

It is important to ensure this document is completed correctly and seek investment advice and/or financial advice where required.


NVIDIA share price at time of writing (30/05/23) has increased 172.06% YTD. However, it is important to consider any investment as a long term strategy. With foreign markets being open to Australian investors it is important to understand the tax implications of any investment.

Thus, it is important to seek financial advice on these decisions and speak to a qualified account. Furthermore, this article is not an endorsement for the purchasing of NVIDIA shares.


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